Software Developer

Are you ready for a fun learning experience, working within a team with a variety of complementary skills and making a real difference in healthcare? You’re probably not an expert in clinical genetics, or maybe not even very familiar with life sciences analysis at all. That’s no problem. We need you for your  coding skills to help us advance a variety of projects, refine existing tools, and automatecurrent manual analysis tasks. You will own the  Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).  Through internal user requests you will be responsible for the integration and customization of the system, incorporating existing algorithms andmodules and getting assistance from consultants as needed. Throughout it all, you’ll be a core contributor to validation and accreditation activities.

You will join a small sub-team of bioinformatics and data analysis, and will interface with wet-lab scientists to help build an integrated R&D and clinical testing operation. As the only software engineer on the team you   will be self-driven and able to work independently.. Although free to work remotely on occasion, you’ll often be needed in-house to be effective and available to the team, so living within commuting distance to  Glasgow is essential.

We’re a dynamic and ambitious group, with a California-startup vibe owing to our roots (and management preference). Hopefully you’re interested in all sorts of geeky side-tangents like server hardware and web design, allowing you  grow whilst we grow. Its OK (and encouraged) to learn by doing. In return we will support your interests and growth with teamwork, external resources, and training opportunities.

We cant tell you all of the skills that you will need, but can list a few of them.  What we can  do is guarantee this won’t be boring. You won’t need to be a master in all of these aspects, but should be comfortable with some and learn the rest on the job if needed. The core requirement is eagerness to figure it out and awareness of what you know and don’t.

  • Solid coding foundation using at least one language, and enough general awareness to identify solutions and learn what you need in others (e.g., Python, Ruby, Perl)
  • Collect and interpret user needs, from external clients as well as internal stakeholders
  • Write scripts to automate processing of current manual tasks
  • Ability to write quality unit tests, and be a central part of the clinical validation effort
  • Moderate experience with relational databases (SQL); Bonus points for experience with SharePoint as a database front-end
  • Assist in determining the right hardware for current and future needs, in combination with internal stakeholders/teams and external consultants/vendors.
  • Get an internal production apache2/passenger web server running on an ubuntu box
  • Always be mindful of risks and mitigations informally, and contribute to formal risk analysis
  • Build simple web apps andinterfaces to enable more widespread usability of backend systems; e.g., familiarity/understanding of front-end programming languages (HTML/CSS/Javascript)
  • Awareness of security concerns

About BioClavis:

BioClavis is a Glasgow-based personalized diagnostics spin-out of US-based BioSpyder Technologies. We’re enabling the full promise and clinical utility of ‘omic testing to deliver cost-effective care for individual patients. BioClavis leverages the proprietary TempO-Seq® transcriptomic/genomic platform technology (developed by BioSpyder), capable of efficiently analyzing large cohorts with customizable biomarker panels of tens to thousands of genes, quickly and inexpensively. It has critical usability features, controls, and does not require specialized instrumentation, making it ideal for expansion into the clinic. These strengths (in concert with centralized patient samples, clinical research partners, and economic decision making) allow accelerating content discovery, product development and adoption of a new generation of cost-disruptive precision medicine testing worldwide.

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