Gene expression analysis platforms have evolved from outdated hybridization array based technologies and RT-qPCR to highly multiplexed RNA-Seq de novo discovery platforms. Though RNA-Seq is commonly used as a quantitative assay to determine relative transcript abundance, it is costly, onerous, and employs a time intensive process for assay design, running the assay and data analysis. To address these challenges, BioSpyder Technologies has developed a novel product for targeted sequencing called TempO-Seq™, designed to monitor hundreds to thousands of genes at once in high throughput from as little as 10 pg of total RNA (the amount from a single cell) without pre-amplification or reverse transcription, to maximize utilization of precious or limited samples. Based on BioSpyder Technologies’ proprietary Templated Oligo Detection Assay, TempO-Seq can quantitate targeted transcripts in an easy to follow workflow that does not require dedicated equipment. It can be run in a standard PCR instrument or microplate incubator manually or using standard pipetting platforms. The assay is highly amenable to automation, enabling implementation on 96-, 384-, and 1536-well formats. Sample barcoding, together with sequencing of short templates to measure each gene, allows pooling up to 6,144 samples in one sequencing run. Assay content is flexible and customizable, from focused panels monitoring specific genes or cellular pathways up to the whole transcriptome, delivering unprecedented accuracy and sensitivity for low level inputs.

Read more about TempO-Seq at the BioSpyder website.

This technology is protected by US Pat. 9856521 and GB 2542929.


BioClavis is a spin-out of BioSpyder, with TempO-Seq technology licenses, dedicated to diagnostic application of TempO-Seq. In particular, we are leveraging the efficient gene profiling from limited amount of FFPE sections without the typical destructive extraction or cross-link reversal steps. Since TempO-Seq enables unlimited multiplexing, we are able to perform discovery through validation and commercialisation on a single platform, more quickly and with higher fidelity than other multi-platform approaches.

Research and Pre-clinical

In addition to our internal clinical diagnostic R&D projects, we are building our production facility and quality system to accomodate high throughput research and pre-clinical studies with transcriptomic endpoints.

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